Platinum Patient Rewards are great way to save and "earn" for that painless teeth whitening; that everyone is talking about. "GLO" whitening products are the newest and first: to offer the procedure without the ”usual” sensitivity.Image result for GLO whitening

No worries, you are on the right window. Now, with direct access to our - in office schedule availability: it's easier than ever to schedule. For new and existing patients enter the schedule by clicking on the link blow. Date and time will be offered on the next window. Choose the type of appointment you want. No worries, we will confirm it with you; in the comfort of your laptop or phone. It takes less than one minute, you can do it.


It's how we do, what we do! Enjoy the provided time clock and complete your request. It's easy and works fast.


Heavenly Smiles Dental Team


*All Platinum Rewards are calculated under in office accounts ONLY; starting from 10, 000+ points.    

*Only paid in FULL dental treatments are eligible. (No payments with credit are eligible)

*Insurance benefits are NOT guarantee of payment, eligibility or service. Please read your plan disclaimer FIRST. Information requests and/or eligibility are distributed directly to you, in from of structured plan, and by your plan administrator. Benefits are excluded from this rewards program. However, you have the option of paying in FULL for your services. Requests are adjudicated ONLY at the time of confirmed appointment. Consultation with dentist or hygienist might be required.

*Offer is based on 12 (twelve) consecutive Months of payments.  

*No discounts are given, received or offered on this website and/or with this offer

*Contact management, as quotes can change

*Your account with us: MUST be in “platinum” status to be eligible for rewards  

*We reserve our right to refuse, change or discontinue this program at any time

* Gift certificates purchased in our office are eligible for the rewards, however, unless otherwise specified; at the time of purchase. HSD office policy prevails in ambiguous situations.      

Thank you for choosing Heavenly Smiles Dental and enjoy!

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