We believe in a spotlessly clean and safe environment; Step one in quality dental care. At Heavenly Smiles Dental, clear communication with building honest relationship between you and your dentist is what completes and strengthens.
Foremost, we offer time with an educational approach throughout your visit with us. Personal understanding and acceptance of recommended treatment is delivered with care; One patient at a time. Philosophy in work management and leadership is communicated and delivered to all staff. Successful patient oral health management is performed with care. All of our employees adhere to non discriminatory office policy and have agreed and signed our Code of Conduct. The amounts of time required and available for service, together with the options and cost; requires diagnoses by a licensed dentist. In our office accuracy in scheduling is always a priority. Please have the name of the person referring you to us. And if you have found us your self, no worries, will find the exact time that will fit both of our schedules. Gentle and caring hands, experienced and trained staff in our friendly environment welcomes new patients to the practice. We strive to help, it's what we do. Preventing unexpected dental health situations is our goal, as most events in Life are unpredictable; We believe in our patients.

Prior to making decision, accepting dental treatment and paying for it updated medical history might be required for corroboration with findings. Electronic signature with real-time verification is available.   
We can accept estimated amount of benefits and apply it towards your Total Fee only at the day of service.  

 Making quality dentistry matter doesn’t stop with comprehensive evaluation, intra-oral images or x-rays. In our office we strive to give you resources and education to get even more out of your home care and everyday dental hygiene. We believe complying with guidelines and current reputable recommendations about healthy, organic foods and drinks is beneficial for the outcome in any dental treatment.